BBC Earth Video Of The Day - Humpback Whales Can Cut Up A Damn Rug

Well would ya look at this! Anytime one of my fellow fats out there in the world are every weary to get out on the dance floor at a bar, club, or wedding I hope they look back at this video and find all the confidence they'll ever need. These humpback whales weight 33 tons (THIRTY THREE TONS) and could not care any less about what the other little tiny fish in the ocean are saying about them behind their backs. Fuck 'em. There's some good tunes playing and they're gonna get down tonight. Nothing more beautiful to see.

The only sad part of this video is when this group of rival bully whales rolls over for no reason to start a fight. I've experienced this no less than 500x as my friends & will be at a live music bar rocking to some Blink 182 or some shit then next thing you know there's a pack of angry guidos "bumping" into you trying to start a fight because Swedish House Mafia isn't playing. 

This is the most I've ever related to a video of humpback whales roaming the ocean and probably ever will. Shoutout to the Whales. Kings of the Sea.