A New York Pigeon Was Murdered In Cold Blood After Two Other Pigeons Threw It In Front Of A Moving Subway Train

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So this is de Blasio's New York now, huh? I know things have gotten bad in the city, but I didn't realize we were at the point that pigeons were carrying out hits on other pigeons in public under the guise of broad daylight with a gruesome death every New Yorker has had nightmares about countless times (and maybe even daydreamed about fondly a few times after an especially rough day in the rat race). It's one things for humans to pull off a stunt like this since humans are inherently a shitty species. But pigeons are…wait a minute. Pigeons are one of the few members of the animal kingdom worse than us. Of course they pulled a stunt like this! I'm surprised those winged rats even gave their target the luxury of a quick, extremely New York death instead of pecking him to death in some filthy gutter of this retched city with more holes than Sonny Corleone at the toll booth (RIP In Peace).