Jim Boeheim Doesn't Give A Fuck About Your Opinions On Syracuse Basketball If You're Just A 5'2" Reporter And Never Played Before

Oh you think just because you're some fancy reporter with your laptop and ability to write words you can give an opinion on Syracuse basketball? Not so fucking fast. Not when Jim Boeheim is around. Not when he's got to make sure he's floating right around the come this time of the year. This guy simply doesn't give a fuck about the city of Greensboro, NC and 5'2" reporters. 

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The real question is what the hell does Jim Boeheim have against this Matthew Gutierrez? The man asked a legit question or at least brought up a legit topic. What took so long for Boeheim to play Kadary Richmond and Jesse Edwards? They are legit decent players. I know Boeheim only likes to play 6 or 7 guys, but uh, maybe switch something up here? Not sure how many times Alan Griffin and Buddy Boeheim can bail you out? 

Apparently this Matthew guy is a friend of Jake Marsh's! 

There really isn't a bigger curmudgeon than Boeheim. It's truly the best way to describe him. I know he's a God in Cuse but he's as smug as smug gets. Not the first time he went after reporters: 

Good thing I'm 5'9" and have played basketball. There's even proof. 

Suck on that Boeheim. Just know if you're 5'2" and never played before don't you fucking dare give an opinion on Syracuse basketball to Boeheim.