The Friends Reunion Is OFFICIALLY Back To Being All Systems Go

Finally! Finally! FINALLY! 

While all you normies were out there complaining about the pandemic delaying Marvel movies, Broadway, and Coachella I was out here frustrated over 2 things being postponed- the Billy Joel Concert I had tickets to in June & the Friends Reunion. Yeah, I was really fucking giddy for the Friends Reunion. I've been watching Friends consistently on loop since May of 2004 (first episode I ever saw was the last episode) so I've effectively been waiting for this for 17 years & now it's go-time after a long delay due to the Rona.

Now of course I can't my panties into too much of a bunch over this as I'm pretty sure it's just the 6 of them sitting around doing a roundtable discussion so it's not like it's a full-blown movie or season with everyone acting. But listen I'll take what I can get when it comes to nostalgia...So let's get ready to sit back, do some Friends trivia in preparation, throw on some HBO Max, and enjoy the closest thing we're ever gonna get to the real thing.

h/t David Schwimmer