The Barstool Fund - Village Lanes of Howard

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Village Lanes has been part of the Howard and Suamico communities for over 35 years. They take pride in a safe, family atmosphere. They offer bowling for all ages and host a variety of leagues throughout the year.



Reader Email

This business has been here for 43 years and has been in our family for 37 of those 43. We are a small 12 lane center, very family based and we have a loyal customers who we all know by name when they walk in the door. We are one big family and that’s special to us. This pandemic shut us down at the busiest part of our season, as our leagues were in full gear and out annual 9 pin tournament which runs every weekend from March-May was not allowed to happen which broke my heart. We had customers come and try to give their prize money from their leagues back to us because they were scared we wouldn’t ever reopen, we did not accept it, but just the they thought of us means everything. Luckily we were able to open the doors back up but unfortunately not every league did come back from the fear of covid and we have been down 40% from previous years. To makes this worse my husband who runs the lanes with me was diagnosed with cancer and had major surgery in early November. I have not been able to be here as much due to being home with him. My employees have saved me, offering to close up, work extra and take a huge burden off my back. I’m hoping 2021 will be the the year this start looking up.