If Cory Wong And Vulfpeck Aren't On Your Spotify Playlist, They Both Should Be

Listen to how articulate Wong is in the song above, he's legit holy shit good

If coronavirus has brought me anything good at all, it's that I've stumbled upon a bunch of awesome musicians and bands that I never got into for whatever reason. Maybe I hadn't heard of them or maybe I just never gave them the shot they deserved. That's what has happened to me recently with Cory Wong an Vulfpeck.

If you've ever read a single blog of mine about music, you'd know that I have somewhat particular tastes in music. I love classic rock from the 60s and 70s, but I am also really into southern blues and jam bands. Vulfpeck takes all of those tastes and combines them into one. I hadn't been introduced to them until about a month or 6 weeks ago, but holy fuck are they good... and they're absurdly popular. They have a MASSIVE cult following, and that following is so strong that they are the only band or musical act in history to be independent of any record labels and sell out Madison Square Garden. That is an incredible feat. 

Throw them on Spotify for the next few minutes; if you didn't know them, now you do. Here's their Spotify playlist of their most played hits:

And here's their full show at MSG:

I'm telling you guys, they're fucking incredible musicians. Otherworldly talented and their sound is just awesome to throw on in almost any situation. 

Lucky for me, myself and Colin of Foxtrot and the Get Down got a chance to sit down for about an hour with one of their guitarists, Cory Wong. Now I had heard of Cory Wong in passing before - I didn't know much about him, but after Colin told me we locked him up for an interview, I read up on him and did my homework. This dude is an absurdly, absurdly respected guitarist amongst other musicians. Colin even went as far to tell me that he's one of the best living guitarists on the planet. I hold Colin's opinion on music in the highest regard, so I choose to take him at his word for it. 

Just take a look at this little jam sesh right here and tell me you disagree:


You can't.

It was incredible sitting down with him. The dude is one of the smartest guys I've ever interviewed for Red Line Radio, Dog Walk, Sirius, or otherwise. Anyways, check out the interview. Cory rocks, as does Vulfpeck.

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