BBC Earth Video Of The Day - Little Meerkats Could Not Give Less Of A Fuck About A King Cobra

Plot twist- I think I love meerkats now? Of all the animals in our beautiful animal kingdom I would have to venture to say that meerkats are on the bottom of a lot of people's list when it comes to interest and that's EVEN with Timon being an all-time animated character. I've always just thought of them as little bits of nothing that roam around eating a leaf every now and then which I'm sure a lot of folks can agree with me on. Yet this video has absolutely changed my whole perception on the meerkat.

What's the first thing your first football or basketball coach taught you growing up? TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAM. And clearly no animal embodies that more than the meerkat. Now that Cobra a fake cobra? Yes. Do I care? Nope. There's no way in hell those meerkats know that so I stand by what they are doing here to be extremely impressive. Thats sequence around 3:10 when the cobra hisses, they back up, the cobra backs up, and they engage all at once is fucking fascinating. 

And to fully top it off I'm pretty they ACTUALLY realize that this thing is a fake! Once the whole squad began touching it it was gameover for robot Cobra. Truly impressive stuff. I'd also be remised not to mention the mom at the beginning of the video just going at robot Cobra by her lonesome. If there's one thing I've noticed in watching all these BBC videos, it's that the moms of the Animal Kingdom are fucking fearless!