Man With A Jetski Scooter Is A First Ballot Hall Of Fame Dude

Okay so much like every TikTok ever created, the beginning of this one is excruciatingly painful to watch. But if you were courageous enough to endure those first 15 seconds, the payoff in the end was incredible. Because at that moment, a god amongst men was introduced into your life. A guy that is such a dude that it makes you wonder if there has ever been a bigger dude before. 

Giphy Images.
Giphy Images.

What a majestic creature. Both the man and the Seadoo scooter. And the craziest part about this whole thing?

Not even in Florida. Shocker of the century, but this is in California. And this hog is even more badass once you get up close and personal with it. 

You hear that thing purr? Can't get that kind of action in a Tesla now can ya? Here you idiots were thinking that electric cars were the future when in reality, it's the Scootski that will take our civilization to the next level. Maybe now the aliens will realize that we're ready to have some conversations.