RBI Baseball Might Be My New Favorite Video Game With How Much Love They're Showing Tim Anderson

A quick note about me: I typically don't like sports video games. If I'm playing a video game I want to suspend reality, not take part in something I am already good at like playing baseball or football at the highest of levels. I want to drop into Verdansk or go and fuck up Ganondorf after dominating the Water Temple, typically. 

But I can't wait to sink my meaty paws into RBI Baseball because it has Timmy Anderson on the cover and people need to respect one of the best short stops in baseball more than they do. RBI Baseball is doing that and then some. Shout out to them for pushing east coast/west coast bias aside and going with TA7. He deserves it. 

Ya know why he deserves it? TA7 is a living, breathing quote machine and he knows how good he is and how he will keep getting better. That confidence spills over into his play too. There is NOBODY I'd rather have as my emotional leader on the Sox than Tim Anderson.

Before we continue, Brad Keller can go fuck himself

This is going to happen more. And more. And more. And more. The dude has fucking dominated over his last ~750 plate appearances: 

and he plans on putting this lineup on his back with Pito, Eloy, Yoan, Robert, Grandal and yes, Andrew Vaughn too this year. I cannot wait. I cannot wait to take that formerly snaggletoothed fuck Marty Mush and shove his face in it while he's watching Kluber and Montgomery give up gopher balls non stop. Goddamnit do I love TA. 

That's all I have on Tim Anderson today, but it's the first of many blogs I plan on writing on him and shoving them down your throats.