The Barstool Fund - Ramsey Corner Cafe

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Ramsey Corner Cafe is a cozy little spot in the heart of Ramsey, New Jersey where you can get great food at great prices. The menu is a mix of breakfast, brunch, and lunch items — and it's the kind of place where everyone is friendly and outgoing.



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Man you guys make me cry by all you give back! My name is John my story…been here for 21 year at Ramsey corner cafe. Family business till my dad passed. Now it’s just me and things we’re great until there was an electrical fire on Dec 7 2018. I rebuilt with used all my money thing went back to normal then covid hit and destroyed me. I’m still here paying my staff haven’t laid anyone off cause they been with me most over 4 years. Things are tough landlord ignores my messages to help PPP ain’t giving shit cause my payroll was stopped for a year (fire) and when we started back I had the guys on for a little to keep my tax’s down. So here it is boys please help I need this guy off my back I’m just a Jersey kid with the American dream watching it kill me.