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Slam Diego Is BACK As Fernando Tatis Jr. Smacks A 441 Foot Grand Slam With An A+ Bat Flip To Top It Off

The face of baseball is BACK. Fernando Tatis Jr. with a LOUD entrance into Spring Training with this 441 foot grand slam. You know he wouldn't hit a solo shot for his first of the spring. Guy is addicted to long, loud bombs. And you know he could just put the bat down and trot, he watched it a little, gave it a nice stare, and let his lumber do a nice cartwheel. The nice, classy bat flip, not showing too much of what he worked on in the offseason, but just enough to let the pitcher knows that he got him. Outfielders didn't even bother moving either, smart decision by them. And that sound, good lord. Yeah, I think he was worth the extension. 

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