Sick League Alert: Basketball Player Loses Tooth During Game, Doesn't Return

I get that Dougie McBuckets is considered to be a bit of a pretty boy. The face is the moneymaker and a hockey smile ain't paying the bills. But c'mon, man. You can't make it that easy for us. 

People want to act as if hockey fans are a bunch of hardos always comparing how much tougher hockey players are than other athletes. And I get it. An injury happens in any other sport and you immediately have hundreds of hockey guys talking about how Greg Campbell finished a shift on a broken leg. It can be a bit much at times. But McBuckets not returning to the game when there are still 8 minutes left in the 3rd quarter because he got a tooth knocked out?

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And here I was thinking that NBA players were trying to appropriate hockey culture here and spittin' chiclets. Here I was thinking that Ben Simmons was trying to add a little physicality to the game and ridding the notion that the league is so soft it's putting Charmin out of business. This was a great opportunity for the NBA to finally get the hockey hardos to shut up and get out of their mentions, and McBuckets ruined the whole thing. Sick. Fucking. League. 

If anybody should have been forced to leave the game last night, it was Myles Turner after he was murdered by Shake Milton. 

The ankle brace industry in Indiana is about to be booming.