Oklahoma State's Entire Team Dancing Around With A Broom On The Court After Sweeping Oklahoma Is So Goddamn Awesome

Goddamnit man this Oklahoma State team is awesome. They are incredibly easy to cheer for. I don't know what it is, but I always liked watching Oklahoma State. They have phenomenal jerseys, especially the script one, strong colors and the more people bitch about the camera angle at their arena the more I like it. And now they are in a full on fight with the NCAA, so it's time to back Oklahoma State. 

I've said it before, but they were put on sanctions stemming from the FBI investigation into college basketball. Here's the problem - Oklahoma State didn't cheat. Former assistant Lamont Evans accepted about $20,000 in bribes from financial advisors in exchange for influencing players to sign with them after college. That's not a competitive advantage. That didn't do anything for Oklahoma State. Of that entire $20,000, $300 went to Jeffrey Carroll, who was suspended 3 games. We really going to hit Oklahoma State with sanctions over $300? NOT ON MY FUCKING WATCH, NCAA. I swear to all things holy if they hold up these sanctions I will make the 90 minute drive to Indianapolis, round up people along the way and make the NCAA wish they didn't investigate schools. 

The key right now is Oklahoma State is technically in the NCAA Tournament. They filed an appeal. That appeal as not yet been ruled on, and until the Committee on Infractions determines that they will deny the appeal, Oklahoma State will not be hit with those sanctions. So as of this moment Oklahoma State is IN the NCAA Tournament. If the NCAA decides to deny the appeal, then we riot. You can't do that fucking shit with less than 2 weeks to Selection Sunday. 

Back to last night. I don't care what happens, I need the Big 12 to rig it so we get Oklahoma vs Oklahoma State in the Big 12 Tournament. Bedlam has been fucking awesome. 2 games in 3 days, one going to OT and one down the stretch. The first game Cade Cunningham went bonkers and last night was 4 guys in double digits led by Kalib Boone. That's the thing with Oklahoma State. They can beat you in so many different ways. They run this rotating zone defense, they trap, they'll go man. It's beautiful to watch. Offensively Cade knows when to let the game come to him and his vision is so goddamn good. 

These dudes just have the ability to beat you anyway possible. Even crazier is looking at their resume. They have two bad losses - got swept by TCU by a combined 4 points. All they had to do was win those games and we'd be talking about Oklahoma State as the 4th one seed. I'm not even joking. 

Wins at Wichita State, sweeps of Texas Tech and Oklahoma, wins at home over Arkansas, Kansas and Texas. These guys, assuming the NCAA doesn't fuck it all up, will be a top-4 seed. That's insane considering we were barely talking about Oklahoma State before the season started - some of it being the sanctions, some of it not knowing how good this team would be. 17-6 with games at Baylor and WVU down the stretch. A split? Top-4 seed should be damn close to a lock. A sweep? Oklahoma State could jump all the way to the 2 or 3 seed line. 

Now take it away Mike Boynton: