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A local favorite for many years, the Main Tavern in Woodbridge offers cold drinks and a warm atmosphere, whether you want to hang out with friends or sit and watch the big game. The jukebox and popular pretzels are two crowd favorites.



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The Main Tavern is a local Bar/Tavern which has been part of Woodbridge's Main Street for over 75 years. The bar was established by my grandfather, then my father took over, then me and my mom ran the business. Recently mom passed away so I run the business. With the covid we shut our doors in March and were completely closed until October. We re-opened in October and we were starting to come back, then the governor cut the operating hours and capacity. We operated during those conditions but it wasn't cutting it. Then the state of NJ cut "Bar" seating. Then we were forced to get tables and fit them where ever we could in order to comply. The tables are not cutting it, our receipts are way down. With the cut capacity and shorter operating hours (Closing at 10 PM) we just cant get the numbers of people we need to make a profit. To add insult to injury the Governor just raised our property taxes which is hurting us even worse. We always took care of our employees best we could. Some have been with the Main so long they are considered family. It really hurts to see the Main so empty dismal. We always had football on weekends. Home made food for games, Chili, kelbasa and sour kraut, Home made ziti. My mom would always do what she could to take care of the people who came into the tavern. with mom passing last year really hit us hard along with the Covid. Although she didn't go to the bar a lot she was know and respected by everyone who met her. We have a huge US map on the wall which came from her office when she worked. She wanted it in the bar so people could talk about where they've been in the world. She took pride in the tavern, the business he husband my father ran. The Main is a landmark in Woodbridge. You can ask all different generations of people in town and they know the main and have been there at some point in time. Whether it was with their father when they were little kids, or you were out front during the St Patty's day or Christmas parade. The Main always supported the town and its events during good times and bad. The Main is a keystone on Main Street. Its been said the Main Tavern is the oldest business on Main Street. We are not looking to be bailed out. We could use help with the raised taxes, fees, utilities to keep the lights on and beverages cold until we can get business back on track. If we can power through this time of struggle for our country we will come out on the other side an even stronger part of Woodbridge. The Main Tavern has been through years of changes to Woodbridge and our country. The Main has been around through many events in history which have made our country better. I hope we can survive this and keep the Main Tavern a part of Woodbridge's future not a memory from the past.