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Victoria, Anna And The Rest Of The "Mean Girls" On The Bachelor Showed Us They Still Suck On Women Tell All Last Night

Shouts to that clip of Trent ON the show last year, guzzling champagne with the best of 'em. This year, not so much. No live audience, the minimum amount of Chris Harrison (wipes tear) and a lot of girls who still look just as dumb as they did during the show. During the Women Tell All, it's an opportunity for the girls who were voted off of the season to 1. address anything that happened to them on the show 2. air out grievances and 3. audition for Bachelor in Paradise/The Bachelorette. This usually brings out a pretty lively crowd, normally they're all drunk and it's a pretty good time. This season of course things are different, and it's a LOT more boring. To be fair, the drama on the season was also a complete snooze, so rehashing it doesn't interest us any more than it did the first time. We had a round of extremely shitty apologies, a few fights, and way more tears than anyone anticipated. Check out the replay of our live after show Cutting Stems to see what we all had to say.