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Where Am I? Part 9 (GeoGuessr Diverse World)

I predicted this last year, but GeoGuessr is finally starting to become mainstream and I couldn't be more thrilled. Between GeoWizard rising to superstardom on YouTube and Jeffrey N. Campus playing the game on Periscope, it’s never been hotter. I’m even seeing ornery teens posting their GeoGuessr highlights to TikTok. After an 8 day physical trip through the barren frost of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, I was itching to get back to the ideal method of traveling: Virtually.

I had some irredeemable blunders in this session, but I ended up getting my personal high score for Diverse World - No Moving. If any of you beat it (23,149) and show proof I’ll either send you a Barstool Golf x ANUS hoodie or, perhaps even better, nothing at all. Your choice.