I Wish This Old Dude Cruising Around Town With His Lax Stick Was My Grandpa

Are you able to get adopted as a 28-year-old man? Asking for myself. Because as much as I love my own parents, this dude fucking rocks. 

I still coach high school lacrosse, and I can tell you that nowadays all these kids out here just think that they deserve to receive a DI offer without putting in the work to get there. They think the phone calls from college coaches should just magically come their way without earning them. But this man right here?

Well this man understands the importance of having that relationship with your stick. Wherever you go, the stick goes. It needs to be an extension of your body. Doesn't matter if you're just running out to the grocery store real quick to get some Fig Newtons and Multibran Flakes. You need to be getting those extra reps. No days off. That's what'll separate you from the rest of the pack. You don't have to be the biggest or the fastest player in the world. As long as you know how to work that stick like it's a part of your soul, you'll be able to ball out. Gramps over here gets it. 

Plus this also plays really well in the retirement homes. No offense or anything but if your grandma is living in the same retirement home as this guy, chances are they've been getting it on. My man is walking around through the halls carrying his twig letting all the grandmom's know that A) he loves to lax, 2) he loves to party, and D) he's very affluent. Buddy was probably a legend in the 60s, still equally as legendary today.