I Actually Feel Bad For Jim Boylen

I know Billy D is a great coach but holy fuck it's starting to get uncomfortable with how much Jim Boylen sucked with identically the same roster. Like this might be the most significant 180 in my life in Chicago sports without actually really changing anything. At least when the Cubs even started turning a corner it was after they gave Jon Lester $150 million. Literally Jim Boylen gets canned and not even 35 games later it's basically a reborn team. COMPLETELY CHANGED as Zach LaVine would confidently say. 

Granted Jim Boylen made millions of dollars to suck at his job. But deep down you can't help feel bad for an honest guy just trying to make it through the day. I know that's a pathetic way to think of the Bulls' head coach but that's exactly how Jim Boylen went about his business. Just a guy waiting for his number to get called and then off to the glue factory. You can't help but feel for those guys. 

That said, it's never been easier to welcome a new head coach. Billy Donovan is the real McCoy and within the first half of his first season, I'm hooked. He chews the gum hard and chews the refs even harder. The players love him. The games are signficantly better. I'm not breaking ground on this analysis but if I gotta draw attention like a meatball then so be it. Billy Donovan is absolutely 100% the fucking guy for the job. Feels good to say that. 

In conclusion I don't actually feel bad for Jim Boylen. I just want to draw attention to how surprising the Bulls are this year and really that just goes back to how much we sucked previously. We knew it was bad but now the question is whether that's Jim's failure or Billy's success. Are we that much better or were we that much worse? Probably both which is even more fucked up. 

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