Mad Dog Russo Denies Farting on the Air. Then Mistakenly Thinks MSU's Tom Izzo Accused Him of Farting on the Air.

If you're not familiar with Funhouse, you should be. It's an account that made a name for itself compiling the best of Mike Francesa, thus the handle @BackAftaThis. But rather than get marginalized with accusations that it has such a narrow, specialized focus, the account has branched out into other areas of interest. Such as tracking possible farts on MLB Network. In other words, doing the Lord's work here on Earth. 

Watch the above video. As Mad Dog Russo goes to the break. The camera cuts away from him to B-roll at around 0:06. At 0:08, he coughs. At 0:10, there's a distinct fart-like sound. Draw your own conclusions. But no sooner did Funhouse Tweet it out than Mad Dog came back on the air to defend his sphincter's honor. And received a mea culpa.

You've got to hand it to the Dog. He's a pro's pro. Not only playing through pain, but holding off on the coughing and sneezing until he assumed he was off mic. Even more so, producing the video proof that exonerated his much maligned, but completely innocent buttcrack. And there the story would've died. Just a false allegation ending in acquittal, justice prevailing.

But instead, Russo's fans came to his defense. He further allayed their concerns.

And then, things took a hard left turn into Surrealville. In a case of mistaken identity, Mad Dog became convinced that the non-fart video in question was being promoted by a member of the Basketball Hall of Fame:

If only. The world would be a much better place if the Tom Izzo from WFAN who weighed in to deny Russo's denial of the fart's existence was our Tom Izzo. 

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The winning coach of the 2000 NCAA tournament, a guy with 641 career wins and three time Big Ten COTY winner retweeting a video of an MLBN host cracking one off would be just the sort of thing this weary world needs. Sadly, that is not our reality. 

But there's hope. If at his next press conference, someone can ask the MSU Tom Izzo about the Incident of the Mad Dog Fart in the Daytime, it would keep the story alive. The ball is in your court, college basketball media. Do not let us down. 

Funhouse was right about one thing. This is exactly the kind of thing that keeps us coming back to Twitter.