Lizzo Posted A TikTok With Her Meaty Cheeks Getting Lubed Up And Rubbed Down: BaDonkADonk Population 1

It's not often that I am legit taken aback on the internet. I cruise these streets all the time. I see people shitting out the window of cars, a dude that took a dump whilst mid-flip into an unidentified body of water, and animal fights that make my heart break for gazelles. So, if I'm taken aback, it speaks volumes. 

Lizzo is obviously a supremely talented person. She dances, sings, plays the flute, and now twerks like nobody's business. She's got more cake than a bakery and is absolutely causing men, women, and all others to fill their britches with a little icing. Talkin cum. 

This TikTok trend has been around for a while. You cant scroll the ole timeline without hearing "I think my butt gettin big. I think my butt getting big. I think my butt getting big. Bust it. Bust it. Something I dont understand. Is you.. bustin?" To answer the question, yes. Lizzo is bustin. Bustin what? Outta damn near anything while owning it like a car after low monthly payments for 72 months, and in the words of my friend Hulk Hogan, "God created the Heavens, he created the earth! He created all the Hulkamaniacs and Lizzords! Then, he created a set of 24-inch pythons and 45-inch cheeks, brother! Whatcha gonna do when the 24-inch pythons and the buttered butt of Lizzo run wild on you?"

PS: Love this swimsuit. Might get it for my new pool. I'd look dynamite.