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BBC Earth Video Of The Day - It's Impossible To Not Laugh At Elephant Seals

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Look at these fucking guys! As someone who's objectively not the skinniest person looking person out there & not the hottest looking person out there, I feel no remorse in saying just how fucking funny these things are. Not to mention how bad could being a massive blob with a penis for a nose be if all you get to do all day is marinate on the beach in the California? Sounds like a great trade-off to me.

It is pretty riveting though when the 1:40 mark hits and we see these bad boys roam into the real world. If the world needs any more content it's content of Elephant Seals waddling out into the middle of the street only to plop their fatasses on cars. It is truly astonishing how big these things are...almost like the Andre the Giant beer can picture but instead of a beer can it's an actual car & instead of Andre the Giant's it's absolutely the black sheep in the family of Seals.

The moral of the story is that Elephant Seals are fucking hilarious. A few of my bucket list destinations in the US are Charleston, New Orleans, Austin, and now I've just discovered there is a place called "Elephant Seal Vista Point" in Sam Simeon, CA which has now shot up to the top of my rankings. Who needs Bourbon Street when you have Elephant Seals? Not me.