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The Toll For A Picture With Jay Cutler: Chug A Pitcher Of Beer

I love everything about this video. The guy wearing the same great tasting less filling Miller Lite pants. Cutler being a man of the people but also pushing people to greatness. Nobody has had a better 2020-21 than Jay Cutler. He's living the life. He just does whatever he wants. Hunting, fishing, having great hair, skiing, shredding, spying on raccoons, perhaps a few nice new girlfriends, and having a smile on his face. 

I also think, somewhere, deep down inside, he loves what a disaster the Bears' QB position has become. He was the greatest QB of all time and now I think most of Chicago realizes that. I knew it all along, of course. BIG Cutler guy. He is the most regular guy sweet ass QB1 imaginable and people didn't appreciate him until it was too late. Now we are stuck with fucking Nick Foles and getting rejected by Carson Wentz. Foles would probably make fans give him a Bible quote before taking a picture. Trubisky wouldn't even see you approach him if you asked him from his left side. Cutler makes you earn it in the best way possible. I miss this guy so much. He's become some sort of unicorn mythological QB. Pops up on social media in flurries and then blows away back into our memory. There's an alternate universe out there where Cutler was able to have a consistent offensive coordinator, competent o-line and weapons and the Bears had multiple battles with Rodgers throughout the 2010s. Instead, the Bears are still searching for a franchise quarterback. That's how I think about Cutler's career. He probably looks back and says DONNNNTTTT CARRRREEEE