Bourbon, Champagne, Pizza, Mac n Cheese, And Cake - Kaley Cuoco Handles Losing Better Than Most

QUEEN. My mothafuckin queen. That's how you handle losing folks, take notes. You don't pout. You don't complain. You get  drunk and order pizza, cupcakes, make a cake, some mac n cheese, and do it all while wearing a dress that probably cost more than our salaries. That's how you live. Turns out Cuoco is basically Cassie Bowden (her character) in real life I guess. Also that is not a bong to her left, it's a bottle of Willet Bourbon. Detective Hubbs on the case, thank you. 

It's hard to get mad when you knock one out of the park like she just did with 'The Flight Attendant.' Cuoco reinvented herself and crawled out of the shadows of Big Bang Theory. A feat I don't think many of us thought was possible. Mocked no longer. 

Now I'll say what Kaley didn't and won't. She was robbed of a Golden Globe on Sunday night. Now is this the award show people really care about? No, it's usually the one everyone shows up drunk to and just has a good time. That being said, this was Kaley Cuoco's first ever nomination and she deserved to win. I'm sure Schitt's Creek is good, lots of people like it, and Catherine O'Hara does a fine job with it no question. Bottomline, she wasn't better that Kaley Cuoco in 'The Flight Attendant.' She was fantastic and the driving force in orchestrating the chaos that made the show as good as it was. Couldn't have casted a better actress for the role as far as I'm concerned. If you haven't watched, I strongly encourage. 

Can't wait for season 2. Go Kaley Go!