Michigan Picks Up Former Texas Tech QB Alan Bowman In The Transfer Portal

Relatively significant news out of the Big Ten today...former Texas Tech QB Alan Bowman is heading to Ann Arbor. This comes just a few weeks after Joe Milton entered the transfer portal:


Milton, who would've been the perfect QB for Michigan in the Barstool world thanks to his last name, was a one-hit-wonder for the Wolverines in 2020:

As we can see, Milton had a phenomenal game against Minnesota and then got worse game by game after that. The former Michigan QB is the 6th QB to transfer under Harbaugh:

So much for that QB guru thing, huh?

Milton is also one of 17 Michigan players from the 2020 season currently in the transfer portal:

I wouldn't say this is that big of a deal, but 17 is not a small number. I don't have the exact figures in front of me, but I assume Michigan is among the schools with the most players in the transfer portal, especially among schools with no coaching changes.

Bowman will bring three years of experience to Ann Arbor. Was he ever really good in the Big 12? Eh, not really.

He'll always have his game against Houston in 2018, where he threw for 5 TDs and 605 yards. His 2018 season was his best, which isn't great as you'd love to see him progress instead of regress, but 2018 was his last season with Kliff Kingsbury.

Bowman will compete against Cade McNamara and true freshman JJ McCarthy, a 5-star QB out of Illinois, for the starting position. McNamara looked okay in his first 50 or so plays, but as you can see in the chart above, he fell off after that.