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Start Your Saturday With This Sexual Cross From Kevin De Bruyne

I know we've got a full day of college basketball ahead of us, but this is why you get up at 7:30 a.m. on a Saturday, folks: to watch the GOAT do GOAT shit.

The fact that Man City has won 19 games in a row and Kevin De Bruyne was absent for pretty much the entirety of that streak is legitimately insane. It would be like the Warriors going on their 24-game streak to start the season a few years ago and then getting Steph Curry back. It's unfair.

But as I write this, City is tied 1-1 with West Ham, so they'll need to find another goal in the second half to keep the win streak alive. But when you've got No. 17 on your side dishing the ball around like that, you have to like your chances.