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Spring Training Has Officially Started Because Chris Davis Is Telling Us How Hard He Worked In The Offseason And That He Changed His Swing

Want to know how I know spring training has started? Chris Davis is talking to reporters about all the work he did in the offseason and how he feels great and has switched things up with his swing. It's only happening for the 6th year in a row. We all know the deal with Davis, he's got 2 years left on arguably the worst deal in MLB history and after playing in only 16 games last season he is feeding us all the same BS he's been doing for a while. It's the same song and dance with him. I love the guy as a person, he's great for the community, he donates a ton of money and time with Children's Hospitals and underprivileged kids. What he does there is amazing. But it's nauseating listening to this same stuff every spring. 

Giphy Images.

Sorry, idk how that GIF got in there. Anyways, Davis is telling us all the things he did this offseason. How he has made visual changes to his swing but we'll have to watch him to see what it is, how he's doing things that are out of his comfort zone and make him feel uncomfortable. Let me in on a little secret, if you've put up 5 of the worst seasons in MLB history and you have to continuously tell people how hard you worked… haven't worked too hard. When talking about the change to his stance and swinging he said "I think it's overdue" I almost puked. Ummm ya think its overdue? It's only been 5 dreadful years dude, why not try and make a chance after idk, your first season where you put up historically bad numbers? Like we've said for the past 5 seasons, why not make an adjustment in season or try and change something then? 

Why does it take 5 god awful terrible years for something to click and make you change? The Orioles brought in a hitting coach that Davis specifically LOVED, he lied through his teeth about working in the offseason with him. If that couldn't motivate him what will? The Orioles had Buck Showalter, one of the most respected managers ever and a guy who can get every ounce of talent out of his guys. If Davis wouldn't listen to him why would he suddenly change his tune with 2 years left on this deal? It's all just talk, we'll see him change his stance for a few games, he'll go 4-44 and he'll go back to his old ways. 

Here was last week when I tried to guess what I thought Davis would say when he met with reporters. Pretty close actually! So here is to trying to see what CD did to alter his swing and how long he sticks with it? My bet is he's back to the same old CD talking out of the side of his mouth!