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Which Players Would've Been 99 Overall In NCAA Football 15-21 (If They Existed)?

On this week's episode of Unnecessary Roughness, we discussed the players that missed out on a 99 ranking in NCAA Football from 2014-2020. To decide who would've had that honor we had to turn the clock back to all the 99 ratings from 2003-2014.

2003: EJ Henderson (Maryland)

2004: Roy Williams (Texas), Chris Gamble (OSU)

2005: Mike Williams (USC), Marcus Spears (LSU), David Pollack (Georgia), Derrick Johnson (Texas)

2006: Matt Leinart, Reggie Bush, Mathias Kiwanuka (USC)

2007: Gains Adams (Clemson), Laron Landry, Mason Crosby

2008: Darren McFadden, Sam Baker (USC), Dan Connor (PSU)

2009: Tim Tebow, James Laurinaitis

2010: Sam Bradford, Jermaine Gresham (OU), Tim Tebow, Taylor Mays

2011: None

2012: Andrew Luck

2013: None

2014: Jadeveon Clowney

The key to being a 99 overall is being elite before you leave for the NFL. For example, Joe Burrow would not have been a 99 overall. Same goes for Kyler Murray.

Here is the list that Brandon came up with:

I forgot to add Tua to that list as well. 

The only one I didn't really agree with was Bryce Love. I would've added:

-Myles Garrett

-Laremy Tunsil 

-Jaylen Waddle

-Quenton Nelson (Notre Dame)

-Chase Young

-Marcus Marriota

-Jabrill Peppers

-Deshaun Watson

A list of some considered, but would've been in the 96-98 range:

-Devonta Smith

-Nick Chubb

-Minkah Fitzpatrick

-Christian McCaffrey

-Najee Harris

-Dak Prescott

-Justin Blackmon

I'm probably missing a few....but I had some fun running through some mid to late 2010 legends for this segment. Would love to hear who I missed out on.