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Watch What a Live Reaction to Missing Out on a Program-Changing, Five-Star QB Looks Like

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Isn't college football fun, guys? I don't know how y'all spent your Friday afternoons, but I spent the time between lunch and 3 p.m. convincing myself that an 17-year-old who is incredibly good at football was going to choose to play at the University of Tennessee instead of Alabama or Clemson.

Spoiler alert: he did not.

And by the way, this wasn't just some run-of-the-mill recruit. Ty Simpson is a five-star and one of the three best quarterbacks in the 2022 recruiting class. He's a monster.

And I built myself up and actually let a glimmer of hope enter my mind that Simpson would stay in his home state, only to have him announce — almost apologetically, it sounded like — that he would become the latest stud to go through Nick Saban's Football Robot Bootcamp.

I honestly wish Simpson the best and hope he kills it. I don't blame anybody who doesn't want to go play football at Tennessee right now, given what an abject dumpster fire it is. We understand, brother. Go be free. It would just be nice to win one every once in a while, you know?

Anyway, here are highlights from the one that got away. Damn it, he's so good.