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Frank The Tank RAGING While Attempting To Play Madden Is A Sight To Behold

We saw it vs. Borelli's Butter's Bay on the Barstool HooliganZ YouTube Page - CLICK HERE TO WATCH AND SUB - and now we revisit the time when our hero Frank lost his shit vs. The Madden Machine. Long Live The Tank. But for real, we haven't seen someone struggle on the Madden Sticks since Big/Commie/Low T got spanked right in the dank on the gridiron, and then all aspects of life: 

With the office reopening more and more, it's going to be fun getting these live streams back cooking in the office and see everyone spaz in real time. Get ready for the likes of: 

Brandon Walker Mating Calls: 

Steven Cheah Mating Fails:

And my personal favorite...

The Ballad Of The Balls: 

Millions of clips and moments out there, but we're ready for more. Live now for some Happy Hour shenanigans in Verdansk. Let's cook. 

PS - With all this trivia stuff going down now for The Dozen, lest not forget who is the Jeopardy! in the office.