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Brie Larson Doesn't Maker Her Bed And Neither Should You

Listen, I'll cut right to the chase. I'm not one of those people that follows a celebrity's every move into the Mists of Avalon. Just not who I am, but when Brie Larson tells me making my bed is stupid and unimportant? Well yeah, we're not making our bed ever again. 

Who you going to listen to? Fucking Bailey Carlin telling you making your bed is the best way to start your day? 

Or Brie Larson? 

Bailey Carlin…

Brie Larson

Okay decision made, yes? There will be no bed making moving forward. It's easily one of the more unnecessary things we do in our society that needs to stop.  No guy or girl is going to walk out on you because they notice your bed isn't made. If they do they're not worth spending time with. Quickest way to spot a complete and total asshole. Why are we making our beds only to fuck it all up when we get home from work? Making my bed isn't going to make me feel like a better person. All making your bed does is waste our little time we have left on this Earth. No more. Not that I was doing it before, but I'm definitely not thinking about it moving forward. 

Thank you Brie Larson. A true superhero.