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A Store Refused to Serve This Woman Without a Mask, So She Whipped Off Her Thong and Put It On

Say what you will about this woman, but there is absolutely no denying that she is one of the most creative people out there. You want her to wear a mask? Alright, she'll put one on for ya, it's just coming at the expense of her underwear.

I can actually sympathize greatly with this general type of behavior. Not whipping off my underwear and putting it over my mouth and nose, but just that kind of sarcastic compliance. When I play NHL with my friends, they know not to yell at me for not passing the puck anymore, because I will start exclusively passing as soon as I touch it and fucking up the entire offense. Ask and ye shall receive.

This entire situation would have been remarkably easier if the woman would just wear a damn mask, but you have to respect her commitment to the bit. Anyone willing to take off a thong and go directly from crotch to face believes in what they're selling.

My favorite part is that it seems to have worked. Everybody kind of looks around with a, "Does that count?" look on their face and then comes to an unspoken conclusion that it is technically a face covering and moves along. I'd be curious to know if this store now has a mask *and* underwear requirement.