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Feel Good Friday: A Woman Won $300,000 On A Las Vegas Airport Slot Machine On Her Way Home

Usually I'll throw some sort of inspirational Feel Good Friday video up on the last day of the work week to send us into the weekend with a smile and while video may not hit the typical notes of a cute pooch or some charitable moment, holy fuck is it a beautiful moment for the human spirit triumphing against all odds. 

There are very few things that make someone feel as down and out than the flight home from Vegas. Some sort of combination of your body, your wallet, and your soul have been shredded in exchange for a couple of foggy memories, with the last gasp of the Vegas thrill being the slot machines in the airport. Usually you throw a few bucks in the slots, take the L, then buy some sort of overpriced item from the newspaper stand before praying you can sleep off every mistake you made on the flight home. But this lady was blessed by the gambling Gods Biggie Smalls style to go from negative to positive with one push of a button (or given a little love via Danny Ocean) and lived a dream every burned out person in that airport would kill for as well as definitely hates her for.

The question is what do you do with a fresh 300K after going through security? Sure you can hop on that plane and go back to whatever life you have at home along with a Vegas hangover on the side. But why not just see how far that luck goes with more than a quarter million dollars freshly in your pocket? Upgrade that pink suitcase to solid gold and maybe hire some sort of security since announcing you won hundreds of thousands of dollars is not the wisest thing in the world. But other than that, I hope this lady took the next cab back to the strip and let it ride instead of riding back to her regular life with a tidal wave of jetlag just waiting to crash on her brain.