Watch Perhaps Two Of The Worst End Of Game Decisions You'll See This Entire Season

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The beauty of the NBA is you never know what you're going to get from night to night. Sometimes it's historic individual performances, sometimes it's huge comebacks, maybe it's a heavyweight dogfight where both teams are going blow for blow. Well last night was a little different. We were treated to not one, but two absolutely horrific endings depending on who you bet/root for. Shit that if it happened to my favorite team I would be raging. Hell, who am I kidding my favorite team stinks right now I have plenty to rage about.

But seriously, this shit was bad. Let's start off with the first one of the night that came at the end of Nuggets/Wizards. The Nuggets were down two, get a rebound with around 6 seconds left on the clock with a chance to tie or hit a game winner, this is what happened

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I don't even know what to say. MPJ….cut to the fucking rim! You want to talk about how the three point shot is ruining basketball? That's about as good a case as you'll ever find. Maybe this is me being an old man yelling at the clouds, but I mean….how do you not run to the rim in that situation down 2? Maybe he thought Jamal Murray was going to shoot it or something but even still, shouldn't you crash the boards for an offensive rebound and potential putback? 

Murray isn't blameless either here. He has to be way more assertive in his decision making. You could tell he wasn't sure if he wanted to shoot it, then realized MPJ was actually NOT cutting to the rim and everything fell apart. Perhaps one of the worst fast breaks we'll see this entire season. 

Meanwhile, the Wizards have won 6 of 7 and are right back into the playoff race. What a weird season this is turning out to be. 

That play was the appetizer though. We would get another doozy in the second TNT game between the Bucks/Pelicans. Down 3, the Bucks are inbounding the ball with about 15 seconds left. Game over right? Well, it wasn't that simple

Classic case of needing a three but instead taking a two and on top of that committing an offensive foul to lose the game. That's the good stuff. Credit the Bucks for making up for their inbounds mistake with some good halfcourt defense, but did no Pelican understand the clock/situation? When Lonzo got the pass with 6 seconds left he didn't even look to shoot! The better idea is to give the ball back to Ingram with Giannis closing out on him? I'm not so sure about that. Even after he puts the ball on the floor I'm not sure what his plan was. Passing to Zion there so he can dunk it does you no good. It's almost like they had no plan in the event they were able to secure a steal, which they obviously did. For the majority of that possession, the Pelicans had a 5 on 4 and they couldn't even attempt a three while being down….3.

In my opinion, both were pretty brutal but nothing beats that Nuggets ending. At least the Bucks were playing defense and there was no guarantee a three drops. I can say with certainty that MPJ ties the game up if he cuts to the rim and dunks it. There was plenty of time for that. Again, I feel for both Nuggets/Pelicans fans out there and anyone who may have lost money on those plays, that's tough. You may as well write these plays down in pen on this year's Shaqtin-A-Fool list because man were those a couple brain farts.

Seriously though MPJ, how do you not run to the rim!

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