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Charles Barkley Claims Ben Simmons And Joel Embiid Are "Kobe And Shaq Like"

CHUCK!!! Alright, people. Let's all react accordingly in 3...2...1...GO!

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Gotta love how the Round Mound Of Rebound always speaks (what he thinks is) the truth, even when his brain probably thinks otherwise. And you can see even Chuck wanted to walk back what he said after hearing everyone laugh in his Baconatin' loving face. Ben and JoJo are NOT "Kobe and Shaq like". They're not even close. In fact, they're about 3 NBA championships and a few hall of fame careers off. But, as Sir Charles clarifies, is the duo going to be a problem on any given night when they play together to their potential?

Facts only, JoJo. Facts only. Now, let's check in on that G/C who can't shoot worth a lick - what's his tryhard name? Mr. Balloon Hands? Yeah, what he do last night vs. Luka and the Mavs? 

Damn. Seems like another solid overall performance vs one of the best guards in the game that resulted in a convincing victory, right? Well, not in #THISLEAGUE (if anyone in the league actually were to, you know, say something): 


PS - First Time, Long Time went into more this week. We'll hang up and listen.