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What Is The Greatest Single Season Of Television Ever Made?

Earlier this week, I was up late and looking for something to watch, and after scrolling through endless options of brand new television shows and movies I'd NEVER seen across Netflix, Hulu, Prime, HBOMax, Disney+, and all of the other streaming services I'm subscribed to, I decided, "Fuck it - I'm just going to restart True Detective Season 1."

It hasn't even been a year since I last watched Marty and Rust investigate the most fucked up homicides Lousiana's ever seen - and I've never even attempted to watch the other seasons of this show, truthfully - but these eight episodes stuck with me in a way that very few storylines in television have. 

From the flawless writing, to the top-notch acting, to the amazing cinematography, to the bone-chilling music, to the brilliant non-linear editing style….they really caught lightning in a bottle with this first season. Everything just falls into place like a god damn Christopher Nolan movie by the end and leaves ya wanting to go right back to the start to experience it all over again (looking for the clues you missed out on before)!

Many of the replies to my True Detective tweets actually hailed it 'the best single season of television of all time'….

…which made me think, "This would serve as a great topic for a blog!" 

So I'm makin it one, and askin you: What is the greatest single season of television ever made?

Could it be the one that inspired this blog, True Detective - Season 1? Personally, I'd have Damon Lindelof's single-season Watchmen series from 2019 pretty high on my list, as well, along with Breaking Bad - Season 5 and LOST - Season 1. I might even throw The Office - Season 3 on there for a little comedy flavor.

In doing a little research, I found these were some other popular answers to this question:

Fargo - Season 1

Twin Peaks - Season 1

The Wire - Season 4

The West Wing - Season 2

Game of Thrones - Season 4

Freaks and Geeks - Season 1

Mad Men - Season 4

The Leftovers - Season 2

Arrested Development - Season 2

Heroes - Season 1

What's your pick?!