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Bruno Mars And Anderson .Paak Announced They Have Formed A New Supergroup

Alright let’s distribute those vaccinations double time, please and thank you. I need the world to open up for one reason and one reason only and that’s to see Silk Sonic perform this entire album front to back in the flesh. I haven’t heard a single second and I already know I love it. I’m sold on every aspect of this. Bruno Mars? Check. Anderson .Paak? Check. Hosted by Bootsy Collins??? Buddy,,,

This album is going to fuck. Hard and sans remorse. Funk, pop, soul, cocaine, luxury, all wrapped up into the smooth sounds of Silk Sonic. Absolutely anyone could show up on this album and it would make sense. Single next Friday is cool, but as much as I want to hear this album I need them to hold off on releasing it until that second shot is in every last American’s arm. The soundtrack to kickoff the Roaring ‘20s has arrived.