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Paul McBeth Signs A MASSIVE $10 Million Deal And Just Flipped Disc Golf On It's Head

Paul McBeth just put the disc golf world on watch. The #1 ranked player just signed a massive 10 year, $10 million deal with Discraft Disc Sports. Forget disc golf, thats not a bad deal in most sports out there. He's only 30 and he bangs chains for a living. Don't believe me? Why isn't this on national TV? Why is this not the ultimate Saturday mid-afternoon watch right now? This legit looks like a ton of fun to watch and get into. Paul's out of this world too. Watch his highlight tape. Look at some of these throws, he's using lines no one else out there is.

I'm legit intrigued by this sport. I need to be viewing this weekly, if not a few times per week. Looks like a great sport to pop on and watch. Hell, it's probably a great sport to tailgate. Has the golf feel, but you can probably get a little rowdy as you're spectating. Paul has to be the Tiger of the disc golf world. 130 wins, 5 World Championships, 2 National Titles, house is littered with trophies. He signed a 4 year deal before 2019 and blew away all expectations and they gave him this new extension, he basically outgrew the deal. They made it a 10 year deal because of how dominating he is at the sport. Unreal. I'm all in on this sport now. I always knew it was out there but never really paid attention to it, I may be changing my tune. Def a big McBeth guy now.

Take a look and see what an awesome story this actually is. Guy worked is ass off and now is arguably the best player in the world and paid like it. Good for PMB.