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It Seems Like Cordarrelle Patterson Is All In On The Bears Getting Russell Wilson

Kinda sorta news from Adam Schefter today as you can see from that tweet. I say kinda sort of because I don't understand why it's blowing up as the first line says that Wilson wants to stay? But, whenever a top tier QB is mentioned to possibly be on the move (especially when you have teams named) you know people are going to go batshit and that's exactly what they did.

It wasn't just fans though as Pro Bowl specialist and noted "tweet at anybody who is good to come to the Bears" advocate Cordarrelle Patterson wasted no time on the matter:

And while I appreciate his desire to make this team not suck anymore it always just bums me out that we do in fact suck and are destined to never have a good quarterback ever. That take may piss some people off for being too negative, but it's the damn truth. Ryan Pace is constantly asleep or drunk behind the wheel and we're a team that's in cap/draft hell going nowhere fast.

But, like I said - I appreciate that Cordarrelle Patterson gives a shit. I truly do.

Bear Down.