ESPN Twisting Wyc Grousbeck's Quote About Kyrie Irving Is Very Pathetic

I get it, maybe more than anyone. When the Celtics are down, and boy oh boy it's nearly impossible to be down worse than they have been for the past month, the internet is going to take their shots. As fans, you have to eat it. There's no sense in getting upset when rival fanbases drag you. That comes with it and if you don't like it well all you can do is hope the team plays better.

But what also comes is you'll see the different outrageous takes from media people. Nothing moves the needle like slandering the Celts. That's just a fact. First it was Ric Bucher talking about how rival GMs are mad at Danny Ainge for trying to make a trade, despite everyone on the planet knowing Kemba's knee issue. Of course that went viral, I had to fucking blog it and here we are,

Well now, you're getting the same exact thing from ESPN and Sportscenter. This is the social media game. Everyone knows when the Celts are struggling and you combine that with mentioning Kyrie's name, it's going to blow up. Twitter will take that and run with it because 99% of the internet didn't actually listen to the interview. Are we really surprised? Does anyone even watch Sportscenter anymore? 

I say this because here is the exact full quote, in context

Where exactly did the owner of the Celtics say "one of the main reasons" for the Celtics current struggles in 2020-21 is because Kyrie left 2 years ago? He said it was a domino effect in terms of their roster construction, which is true. He was asked about Kyrie's tenure along with Hayward and Horford and how things have played out these last few years. He answered. He didn't randomly bring up Kyrie. He didn't put any of the blame of what we are seeing with this year's team on Kyrie. That's why that tweet is such a crock of shit. It's laughable.

There are a MILLION things you can get on Wyc/Ainge/Brad/etc for in terms of why the Celts look like the worst team in basketball. But to try and make this seem like the owner is putting this on Kyrie? That's fucking pathetic. 

At the same time, who is surprised? ESPN is gonna do ESPN things. They lie. This wasn't an accident. Whoever is responsible for those tweets knows what engagement this will do. People will share it, conversations will happen around it, blogs like this will be written. 

The only way to prevent this shit from happening is to play better and actually resemble a competent basketball team. I know this because this is not the first time Wyc has said that exact same quote. It didn't blow up then did it? Nope, sure didn't. But when you lose, this is the shit that comes with it. That, and a whole lot of embarrassment.

But seriously, fuck ESPN for that bullshit. So pathetic.