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Emma Watson Is Retiring From Acting (For Now, Again)

The “Harry Potter” star, 30, is retiring from acting, the Daily Mail reported. Watson’s agent told the outlet that she is “dormant” from her career and won’t be taking on any new projects for the foreseeable future.

She also reportedly looking to spend more time with rumored fiancé Leo Robinton. The couple have reportedly been dating since 2019.

Emma Watson has decided to hang it up for a while. Of course she has! She's HERMIONE. She's BELLE. Little Women was probably my favorite movie of 2019! She has more money than she probably knows what to do with, and she wants to start enjoying her life outside of acting. She's got a boyfriend, she's literally changing the world working alongside the United Nations, and she's already proven that she's the real deal. Why not take a break? I'm all for this. She's a wonderful woman who's ready to start doing basic bitch shit, going on vacation with her boyfriend, taking pics at brunch. The grass is always greener on the other side, and Emma can literally visit any grass she wants. Good for you, girl.