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Councilman Is Fed Up With Jackson’s Mayor Because Peoples' Houses Are Smelling Like Raw BooBoo

As someone who has dealt with a storm that took out my home's water and power just last week, I understand the councilman's beef with the mayor. Now, I'll be truthful. I don't know the ins and outs of Jackson's local political practices nor do I know if this Jackson is in Mississippi or Tennessee but let's be clear; we are all Jacksonites at heart. We all need our local principalities to do right by us and if what the councilman is saying is true, I cannot abide suck malfeasance. 

Imagine coming home after a long day or hard work. You wanna just kick off the ole shoes and watch Davey Day Trader give some Robinhood the whatfer while your feet are up and your head is rested and clear. Perhaps you are sippin on a tasty adult beverage and ready to unleash a belly laugh the likes of which have never been seen. Perhaps your wife is out of town. Perhaps you are gonna service yourself right there on the couch while looking at various NSFW Reddit pages. But, sadly, it smells like booboo in your house. 

Now, booboo, lest we forget, is what some people call poop or doodoo or crap or shit. For instance, "someone took at booboo and didnt flush." It's a euphemism in every sense of the word. If you said, "Someone took a big, fat nasty shit in the bathroom" that's gross. You say, "someone didn't flush their booboo" all of a sudden it's cute and takes the sting away both mentally and in matters of olfactory: smell.

If this mayor really is on drugs and allows or permits people's homes to smell like booboo, well then... hey hey. Ho. Ho. The Mayor, he has got to go. Hey Hey. Ho Ho. dont Wanna Smell BooBoo no mo. Those are the facts and they are undisputed.