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Adam Sandler Greenlit Happy Gilmore 2 And Shooter McGavin Is On Board As Well

Gonna shoot you guys straight, I have no clue if this is a Click Burglar Clem production or not. When I first saw that video, I thought it was just Adam Sandler doing Dan Patrick a solid and grabbing some headlines by promising a sequel to one of the most beloved movies of millions of people. However, there is at least a seed of truth in every joke and I can definitely see it growing into a giant weed called Happy Gilmore 2 once The Sandman starts thinking about how much fun it will be getting paid a ton of money to make a movie with a bunch of his buddies on some of the finest golf courses in the country. Personally, I'm very much with my guy Joey Mulinaro on this one.

Da Vinci didn't make a sequel to the Mona Lisa or The Last Supper, which is why the stories of Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison need to remain untouched. They are perfect from beginning to end. I know that Shooter seems EXTREMELY ready to cash a big fat check by reprising a legendary villain role and Virginia Venit has aged like a fine wine in California under the secret identity of Claire Dunphy. But as someone who loves the original with all his heart and would cash in a bunch of pageviews by blogging every little thing about a sequel, I am pleading for Adam Sandler to leave every masterpiece he made in the 90s alone and let this be the last beautiful memory we have of Happy Gilmore instead of the moment that inspired a sequel.

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Whether you are for Happy Gilmore 2 or against it, any Adam Sandler fan worth their salt has to watch The Dogwalk draft of Adam Sandler characters with PFT. Just an old fashioned good time reminiscing about some absolute classics. I lost track of who drafted what and instead just shook my head with a big goofy smile on my face remembering all those movies.