Miranda Lambert Had An Affair With Josh Beckett?







Star Magazine - Perhaps Miranda’s most intense affair, according to the insider, was with Major League Baseball player Josh Beckett, whom she apparently saw for several years. “She wanted to leave Blake for him. But her manager urged her not to, because it would hurt her brand. She was only with Blake to advance her career,” adds the insider.


Is Blake Shelton gay or something? Like he’s a solid looking dude. Way better looking than Josh Beckett. Way funnier. Way better personality. Way more famous. Why the fuck would you bang Josh Beckett over Blake Shelton? It doesn’t make any sense. Unless Miranda Lambert likes being spit on and pissed on in bed because I bet Beckett is into that shit. But it still doesn’t make much sense to me. I’d much rather fuck Blake Shelton than Josh Beckett.  No homo of course.