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The Mets Need To Sign Francisco Lindor For Life After He Showed Up To Spring Training Wearing Prince Akeem's Mets Jacket From Coming To America

I already knew Francisco Lindor deserved that $300+ million contract everyone's linked him to because of what he has done on the baseball field, every Indians fan telling me that we were getting an absolute gem of a human, and that smile. That damn smile. 

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But I didn't know we had someone who had some an exquisite taste in culture and fashion. While most people are moping along in St. Lucie because it's the most boring place on Earth, Frankie Lindor is turning everyone's frown upside down by referencing one of the like five positive Mets moments in pop culture history along with a scene that will make me LOL every single time.

Uncle Stevie needs to get a man with that type of taste locked up ASAP because he is truly special. I don't care if he has to add a comma to the offer or offer Lindor some sort of Bobby Bonilla deal. You simply do not let someone with that type of appreciation for greatness even sniff free agency. And if Lindor somehow shows up tomorrow rocking Apu's outfit from The Simpsons, I think you have to double whatever you offer him today.