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Auburn Baseball Squeaks Out A Tight One Over Alabama A&M, 33-0

Well god damn Auburn. Nothing like capping off your 5th win of the season with a 33-0 score over Alabama A&M. Looked like we were gonna have a good game until the Tigers got a 5 spot in the third, and then the flood gates opened. 14 in the 4th, 4 in the 5th, 5 in the 6th, 4 in the 7th, and 1 in the 8th. Credit to A&M for holding them scoreless the first 2 frames, that has to speak for something, right? This is the part of the year where you get the big teams playing some cupcakes and every now and then we see a score like this. 

27 hits for the Tigers too, so the 33 runs seems even more impressive. Not very often you get a legit football score like this. 10 players for Auburn had 2 or more hits, 11 different players had an RBI including Brody Moore who had 7, and all together the Tigers only hit 1 home run. So not like they were loading the bases and hitting grand slams, just timely hitting it seems, and a lot of it. As a team Auburn was 27 for 48 at the dish, good for a .563 average on the day. Maybe it was just the Tigers night? You could say that, but then when you look at their schedule and realize that they beat Alabama A&M on Tuesday and the final was 18-2. A nice series win by the combined score of 51-2 is decent. Coming into this series the Tigers were ranked 21st, something tells me they'll jump up a few spots. 

I've been keeping an eye on the Alabama A&M twitter account too, hoping we'll get a "Final." tweet, but nothing yet. This is probably one of those games where they could have shortened it to 7 innings just by the feel of the game. Let the guys get to the dining hall a little early, maybe let em hit the dorms for some HW. Probably didn't benefit anyone to have it go the full 9. At least the SEC Network account was having some fun with it. Nice little win for Auburn.