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I WANT YOU INSIDE ME- Pulling Your Bone Out In Public and An Update On "Grubhouse"

I am just going to get right to it... Go to either Atlantic City, Hoboken, Long Branch, or Jersey City and try Tony Boloney’s beef rib sandwich... THE BOLONEY-REX®.

(I am not a handsome man.)

Smoked bone-in beef rib (not "short-rib" as I said in that video), white American wiz (not cheddar as I said in the video) , and caveman sauce (some sort of chipotle BBQ sauce).

Seems to be a trend nowadays for sandwich shops to smoke a rack of beef Brontosaurus ribs for hours and then separate each monster rib into some sort of hero roll while the bone is still in.  Diners then can slide the bone out, which feels almost sexual, and then enjoy a tender short rib sandwich dressed with whatever cheese, sauce, or condiments make sense.

I say "trend" only because within the last year-and-a-half, or so, I saw our Lord and Savior, Guy Fieri, showcase a sandwich with a similar gimmick in Asbury Park, NJ.  It was at a place called The Speakeatery and their "Hand Grenade Sandwich" is a smaller but more complex take on the Baloney Rex... Or perhaps the Grenade came before the Rex... I really don't care.

The Hand Grenade is on a much smaller hot-dog-sized potato roll that is slathered with a coating of pureed baked beans and then piled up with BBQ sauce, Cole Slaw, and Mac&Cheese before a smaller smoked pork rib is placed up top.  The sandwich is wrapped-up tight, just like Tony's Rex, and diners are encouraged to pull the smaller pork bone out (like the pin in a hand grenade) before tossing the grenade down their throats.

The explosion part comes the next morning when you destroy multiple toilets.

Giphy Images.

Whereas the Hand Grenade looks almost manageable in that adorable hot dog bun, the Boloney Rex is fucking substantial… And it better be at $25 a pop.

But I am telling you, the bone makes for a very photogenic experience, and the sandwich itself makes for a gastronomic delight.  The sauce is sweet, but not too sweet.  The homemade Cheese-Whiz is sharper (and just better) than what you find on most of the steaks in Philly.  And the meat that slides off this mammoth rib is as good as anything you'll ever have on a sandwich.

Not to pull the curtain back from in front of The Wizard, but the rib meat in my sandwich was already off the bone before that bone was placed BACK into the roll and wrapped up snug in a sheet of wax paper and aluminum foil… All so I could have the thrill of sliding a bone out of the delicious mess within. 

I assume that is how Tony makes the majority of the Boloney Rexes, and I ain't mad at him for doing so.

Having that rib meat already semi-pulled apart and tossed in a sauce made for an easier dining experience AND avoided me having a bone get caught up on some nasty piece of random grizzle that would've caused me to furiously rip my sandwich to threads before I even got to the tin foil wrapper.

Giphy Images.

Again… I highly recommended the Boloney Rex from Tony Boloney's… It's something I definitely want inside of me again, and again, and again.

Now… For an update on Grubhouse on Clubhouse- We are going to have our 2nd installment of Grubhouse with myself, Clem, and Coach Duggs on the CLUBHOUSE app today at 2 PM.

Last week we had a good group of people and invited maybe 15 or 20 listeners out of the audience up onto the stage to contribute… The only caveat for people to speak is you have to state your height and weight as soon as you join the conversation.  If you seem too small, then I kick your ass back into the crowd.

Giphy Images.

And if you are one of the ladies listening (surprisingly, I think we had ~25 broads in the chat) and you want to come onto the stage then you just have to tell us the size of the biggest man you have ever "accommodated"

Giphy Images.

(I meant weight-wise, but "Woof" nonetheless.)

This week we may or may not touch on the following topics…

- Clem's daughter's Girl Scout Cookie Update…  --- SPOILER ALERT ---  She has sold a FUCK TON of cookies. 

- Dugg’s getting disrespected at COSTCO.

- Customs agents in Cincinnati seized 44 pounds of corn flakes covered in cocaine instead of sugar.

- Fast food restaurants that want to sell you clothes. 

- Taco Bell testing a taco version of a chicken sandwich.

- Man who ate the World’s Hottest Pepper and ended up in zee hospital for a fucking collapsed lung.

- Mintzy stopping in to give us a gumbo primer before my feast with him later tonight at Gumbo Bros in Brooklyn.

- A new leaked doc from BLT Steak in Washington D.C. that details former President Trump’s ordering habit there.

- And this week's inductee to Mount Fleshmore is Mr. Brian Dennehy (RIP)…

As a reminder, CLUBHOUSE is a FREE app on iPhones only (for now) BUT you need an invite after you sign up.

And finally, here is your weekly…


Saturday, Feb 27th- National Strawberry Day

Sunday, Feb 28th- National Chocolate Soufflé Day

Monday, Mar 1st- National Peanut Butter Day (March is also Peanut Month)

Tuesday, Mar 2nd- National Egg McMuffin Day

Wednesday, 3rd- National Mulled Wine Day

Thursday, Mar 4th- National Pound Cake Day

Friday, Mar 5th- National Absinthe Day AND National Cheese Doodle Day