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David Fincher Is Re-Teaming With The 'Se7en' Writer For A New Thriller Starring The Fass Man

Following his critically acclaim work directing Mank, David Fincher looks to have found his next project returning to a genre he knows well. Sources tell Deadline Fincher is currently developing an adaptation of the Alexis Nolent’s The Killer graphic novel series, re-teaming with Seven screenwriter Andrew Kevin Walker, who will adapt. While unconfirmed, sources also say Michael Fassbender is in talks to star in the pic. Netflix would not comment on Fassbender’s involvement.

This is awesome news for many reasons. 

#1. David Fincher is David Fincher. Anything he does is instantly going to be must-watch to me (and most fans of good movies). He is on a multi-year deal with Netflix, and I really liked their last colab in 'Mank'. Although, I will admit that it wasn't for everyone. 

#2. Re-teaming with Kevin Walker gets the blood flowing even more, mostly because 'Se7en' is one of the best and most memorable crime thrillers ever made. You know what is a testament to that? I saw an interview where a guy asked Brad Pitt, arguably one of the most famous actors in the world, what he gets recognized for the most. He said that people come up and say "WHAT'S IN THE BOX!!!!" more than anything else.

#3. THE FASS MAN! I hate what Michael Fassbender's terrible agent has done to his career of late. The guy is a top-notch actor that has been wallowing through horrible roles and he needs a good one BAD. I know it's not confirmed that he will be the lead just yet, but usually when there's smoke, there's fire. 

(He's in much better movies and roles than this, but I really love this scene) 

Here is the synopsis of the series:

The series followed a cold-blooded assassin who begins to have psychological crisis in a world with no moral compass. It is still unknown how Fincher and Walker would tackle this adaptation but the stylistic noir themes that run throughout the series seem like a perfect project to reunite the two on 25 years after their own classic noir tale premiered.

To me, this looks like a serious version of 'Barry'. Hell yea. This is a match made in heaven and a movie you gotta keep your eye on for the future.