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Reminder: Zach LaVine's Dad Would Beat The Shit Out Of Your Dad

This blog has been a long time coming but it was re-sparked when the Bulls posted this touching video fo Zach LaVine 

Some amazing moments in there for a guy who continues to win over Chicago on a nightly basis. Say what you want about the Chicago Bulls last few years - but there's no question at this point how much work LaVine puts into his game. You literally cannot find one person who spends time around Zach in any meaningful capacity to say a bad word about him. It's very possible his high ceiling is only eclipsed by an even higher roof of character. And to a lot of people - you'd credit that to his parents, who get a healthy amount of playing time in this clip and rightfully so. 

But as I'm watching and laughing at the idea of Mr. LaVine responding to the ASG news by asking his son "Are there casinos in Atlanta?" ... I can't help myself but remember that Mr. LaVine is a TERRIFYING human being. Like no shit Zach's a good dude and busts his ass. You'd do the same if your childhood left you fearing just these two things:


Lol to Josh Jackson for inciting the moment

Even bigger LOL to the sheer size and projected authority Paul LaVine brings to the table. 

Rumor has it Zach put up 500 shots a day with his dad growing up and that they're practically best friends which makes me all warm and fuzzy. Maybe not as much as a tall Bushmills on an empty stomach but it still feels pretty fucking nice to know the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. One glance at Paul LaVine and every NBA scout and GM should have instantly known that Zach would develop into a leader of men. Maybe not as quickly as some of you would've liked, but he's officially here. 

And bad news for the rest of the league - Zach is basically unstoppable when he plays with the Bulls veterans. 

More on that later but for now I figured you'd probably want to call your dad and tell him not to pick a fight with Mr. LaVine. Probably better to just hang out the blackjack table and be respectful.