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The Chiefs Comeback Tour Starts Next Month: Gracie Hunt Is Competing To Be Miss Kansas And Miss USA

The comeback tour is official! Gracie Hunt, a personal and fan favorite, is ready to bring a title back to Kansas City. Some thought Mahomes would come out next year and throw for 50 touchdowns and get the Chiefs back to the Super Bowl. Oh no, it starts with Miss Kansas and Miss USA. I don't see how Gracie loses this. The Chiefs run Missouri and Kansas so how does one pick against the daughter of the owner of the team? 

Shit, she knows how to win. That's a proven fact. Super Bowl title? Check. Back-to-back AFC titles? Check. Now we got our sights set on Miss USA. She's got it all. Great name, knows how to dominate social media and is the ex of Broncos QB Drew Lock. I enjoy spite and you can't convince me there's a little spite she has whenever the Chiefs beat the Broncos.

Anyways, we're all on team Gracie here. Time to add another ring to the collection. Choo choo!