Luka Doncic Just Buried The Celtics With Back To Back Daggers

I am dead. I am blogging this as the first ever dead person. I mean what the fuck. Have I not suffered enough? Coming off a blown 24 point lead against the Pelicans I finally see the Celtics punch back and make a late fourth quarter run only for Luka to drop his nuts TWICE right in my eyeball? Even after Jaylen did his thing to tie it up with a great take to the rim? I knew once Luka got Theis on him he was making that first three. Why the hell did they switch that. Morons. But then for him to come right back down and do it again? Shit. Tip your cap I guess. Those are big time shots by a big time player.

In the meantime, it's becoming impossible for the Celtics to lose in more painful fashion. Unfuckingbelievable. I am going to be sick.